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Yep! That was me on my wedding day. I got married in 'chucks' and our very first dance with everyone was a pop and lock dance to the song Apache (Jump On It) from Sugarhill Gang... Best day of my life. 


My name is Maggie Mejia. I'm the identity driven - course creator, and I help christian women and entrepreneurs raise their belief, own their purpose, and give them the tools they need to transform their world, with what they already know. 


I'm a born and raised Brooklynite and I'm absolutely in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm a Wife, Mother, Speaker, Author and a lover of psychology, human behavior and media communications, no seriously I love this stuff. 

I am founder of She Matters University. A digital company that helps women learn, grow, and heal in order to live more fruitful, productive and emotionally healthy lives.


We accomplish this through online courses, coaching, encouragement, prayer and guidance. We have an annual celebration every year and hope to see you there. The end goal is for women to be better equipped for their own respective callings; both personally and professionally.


She Matters is designed to meet the needs of today's woman. Bringing women together from all ages and stages, for edification and service opportunities. As women mature and grow in godliness, they are better equipped to nurture and serve in their families, their church, and help their communities and businesses thrive.


I know it can get very difficult at times in life, especially when feeling like you're alone. That's exactly why we're building a community of women who are tired of the status quo. I'd love for you to join our little spot on the internet where we prepare our body, soul, mind, and spirit every morning before we say, hi to the rest of the world... 

#tbt Now that's how to get married cool

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