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Call To Clarity Workshop

Free 3 Day Workshop on July-26-28

You will learn:

* What you are called to do for the Lord

* What to do when you are chosen for an assignment

* What you will need for the journey ahead

* How to tell parables like Jesus and captivate your audience immediately      * through story telling & creative imagery 

* How to increase you impact and influence online for the Kingdom of God

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My Story...? I simply said YES to God! And the rest was History!

I remember asking God, "What can I do for You"? I heard, "pour into women".

If I'm honest with you, I felt like I had nothing to offer. I was 19 years old, a single mom, trying to work full-time,

and go to school, while raising a baby, and now God wanted to call ME to ministry? 


I didn't know what to feel... I don't know if I was awestruck and fascinated by God! Or terrified at what could be ahead

Maybe it was a little bit of both. Only GOD would have the audacity to send someone like me... I am so glad I believed

in possibility with God and took Him up on His offer! 


If you are in the same position I was in. If you're feeling the 'holy frustration' of knowing there's more that God wants to

give us, show us, BE FOR US! and you feel like you're on the brink of a breakthrough but there's a block there?


I want to help you! Warfare, trial, and spiritual conditioning is a real thing! And we were never meant to go at it alone!

I'd love to teach you what I've learned on my 'journey of possibility with God' and the pitfalls to watch out for.

If you're not ready to go ALL IN with God. Get Clear. Be Renewed In Your Mind. Heal Old Stories. And Equip Yourself

To Leave Behind A Legacy For Your Children!? This workshop is probably not for you! But if you are ready to experience

AN AWAKENING to an entirely new life!? Ready For  Your Eyes To Be Opened To Truth!


See you inside,

Maggie ❤️