Bible Study For Women

Do you struggle with spending consistent time with the Lord? If you sometimes feel you have seasons where you're on fire and others that you find yourself dry, confused and feel like you can't hear God at all? If that's you, we're here to help. I know how hard it can get sometimes to tell people about what you're going through, especially when you're not exactly sure how to put it in words. We want to be the resource you can go to, and the sisters who are willing to pray, encourage, and build with you.


I have great expectation that this year belongs to the FINISHERS! Who is that? The women who are not afraid to be postured before the Holy Spirit and let Him do the unexpected in you! I believe that committing your time to the Lord daily and early in the morning will change your life! I know it has drastically changed mine! 

If you’re ready to do REAL LIFE together, to learn, grow, and heal together, then join The Reveal Bible Study Family with Maggie And The SMU Team. 

And So Much More...

 Our Goal Is To Partner With You And Encourage You On A 
 Daily Basis As We Receive The Promises Of God... Together! 


The "REVEAL" Bible Study Downloadable PDF

LIVE Bible Study Classes 5 Days A Week

Teaching From Bible Literacy Coach  

Private Facebook Group Encouraging Women Weekly

Accountability For One Another! We Are Created For Love And Community. We Promote A Healthy Environment Where Every Women Feels Safe To Be Vulnerable. We Care About All Of Our Sisters Growing In The Lord. 

Okay, Here's What You Can Expect From This Bible Study

 We Are So Excited To Meet You And Break Bread With You