My name is Tiffany Hall and as a proud mother of 5 beautiful children, I’ve had the privilege of collecting a few nuggets of wisdom along the journey of parenthood. The Lord has placed a STRONG desire in my heart to reach out to and partner up with parents and those that have children in their sphere of influence; Whether they are your own children, nieces/ nephews, little cousins, neighbors or students. It is my hope that through our partnership & the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can lead the younger generation closer to the Lord and closer to who they Truly are IN HIM! "Children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior," so let's teach them to hit their mark every time!
Tiffany Hall, Family Coach
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My name is Ruth Vega, born in Puerto Rico, raised a “Jersey Girl”.  I now live in Lancaster, PA and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I was raised a “church girl” but didn’t really encounter Jesus until my early 20’s.  I spent over 15 years living as a “functional” alcoholic, battling depression and struggling to walk in the freedom that Jesus paid for, due to my unbelief.  God was faithful to rescue me, and I now enjoy this freedom intentionally on a daily basis.  For the last ten years it has been a burden of mine to assist women in the practical study of the word of God.  Hundreds of women over the years have confessed that the “Bible” is a book that intimidates, confuses, and even scares them.  This is a crisis that keeps me up at night.  Biblical literacy is such a dire need, which is why I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s in “Biblical Studies”.  Outside of speaking and mentoring “at-risk” youth throughout the country, I devote a lot of my time to discipling women and equipping them with the tools to study the Bible for themselves. 
Ruth Vega, Public Speaker/Life Coach