Does My Story Matter That Much?

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

I Thought "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind". Boy Was I Wrong!

When I was a little girl I used to love telling stories. Didn't matter the topic, I just loved it so much. I could make up a story about a person who just got their dream job, someone who just died, or the fish that got flushed down EVERY CHILDS toilet growing up.

However, as I came to know the Lord their were parts of my past that I was so ashamed of. See I didn't mind the "made up" stories but God forbid I share my truth. How would people look at me? What would they think of me? I thought.

I remember saying to the Lord (I guess you can say I was making a pact with Him) If You promise to heal me, I'll promise to tell my story. What I didn't realize was GOD BANKS ON HIS WORD! (lol) I don't know if you know this (and if you don't let me be the first to tell you) but, answers to dangerous prayers like that come with A WHOLE LOT of digging through stuff you'd of never thought you had to dig up again.

See, the process was different though. When left to myself, I wanted to BURY THE TRUTH thinking somehow I'd be free from it. It's one of those "out of sight out of mind" kind of deals. But we all know that ain't true, right ladies? God was showing me, to be healed from the ugly truth (because those really disgusting things were true, they really did happen) I needed to allow THE TRUTH to DIG DOWN DEEP into my soul, where all of my pain was hiding.

God was not interested in the Maggie who could pretend everything was ok. The Maggie who performed every circus act known to man, to keep what was hiding; hidden. His only interest was digging into the well of my pain; HIS DAUGHTER! with His Divine Determination And EverLasting Love. He warned me it would hurt. He told me it would be one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had. But He also SHOWED ME that I WAS NEVER ALONE! That little girl whose innocence was stolen, was never alone The girl who felt rejected and abandoned, was never alone The broken teenager who slept with her INsecurity blanket, was never alone The young single mom who thought she'd be nothing more than a statistic, WAS NEVER ALONE!!!

I don't know where you find yourself today. But I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You weren't alone BACK THEN and YOU ARE NOT ALONE NOW!Women everywhere are being set free through the blood of the lamb and the POWER of our testimony! Ladies, women have personally come up to me and said, "I needed to hear that thank you". Or "If God did it for you then I know He can do it for me too". SOMEONE NEEDS YOUR STORY!

Your Story Matters to God! Let Him free you from the chains that have your mind bound! Let Him take His shovel of Truth and dig into the deep recesses of your soul, because that my love, IS REAL FREEDOM!

We Testify about that which we've been SET FREE from! God knew I wasn't ready for Him to heal every part of me all at once. He helped me see that I was more than a conquerer. But I conquered brick by brick and stone by stone till FINALLY it all came down! Ladies, I testified about something just this past Monday at our women's bible study FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! and Ive been walking with the Lord for 18 years. Some things just take time to share. But don't ever think for a second that god is not doing a work behind the scenes. HE IS FOR YOU! HE LOVES YOU! Grab His Hand and say "Dad, I'm ready for You to Dig" YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

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