Daddy Can I Run With You?

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

The Day My Husband Ran In The Middle of a Heat Wave With My 6yr Old Son.

In this last year my husband has become quite the jogger. He started off telling me, “I think I want to start running.” He started with 2 miles, then 3 then 10… Yes 10. All of that was amazing. I didn’t mind it one bit. But there was one day that completely scared me to the core. The day he took our 6 YEAR OLD SON ELI TO RUN WITH HIM DURING A HEAT WAVE!!!

Ed was going for his normal weekend midday run; and if you know anything about my son Elijah, he is completely in love with his daddy. So… Eli saw daddy was putting on his running shoes and said “Daddy can I run with you?” Ed looks at me and I said, “That’s fine, but only for a little bit, it’s hot outside.” (Future advice for women about to get married: Please have a clear interpretation of what “a little bit” means to you and what it means to your husband, it’ll save you both from early hair loss lol)

(Not A Very Clear Picture.) But This Was The Day Of the Heat Wave.(my little munchkin) They both left the house and it was life as usual. Not too long after (maybe 20-25 minutes) they come into the house. My husband tells Eli to sit on the couch while he gets him some water. Elijah’s face was beat red, he was sweating, breathing heavily and I could clearly tell he was flushed. I jump up and say “what happened? Why does he look like that? How far did you take him? You know it’s like 98 degrees out right? Right before I could get out any other “questions” Eli says, “No mom, its ok. I wanted to run with Daddy.”

I immediately look at Ed (my husband) and he says, “I kept telling him, do you want to go back? And, he kept saying “no, I want to be with you.” My husband told him, “but Eli dad is going to go fast.” Eli replies, “Its ok dad, I’ll go fast too, I just want to be with you.” It was at that very moment all of my anxiety, questioning and fear came to a halt. I felt the Holy Spirit pull on my heart strings and say, “Oh, how many people I desire to live like Eli. He just wants to be with His Dad.”

I looked at my Eli and then at my husband; their eyes were locked, with the biggest smile across both of their faces. No words were being exchanged, just the deep understanding of the conversation within the gaze; I want to be with my Dad. Just as I’m about to interrupt the moment with what the Holy Spirit was showing me. My husband says with tears in his eyes, “I’m proud of you son, you did a great job out there today.” And Eli responds with an “I love you Dad, I want to run with you all the time.”

I was brought to tears at the thought “do I want to run with God that bad? Do I yearn to be with my Father in the way, Eli wanted to be with his?” See, I know my husband would have immediately picked Eli up on his back had Eli been in any real danger. If it was too hot for Eli, too hard, too long, too strenuous he wouldn’t have given it a second thought to come to his sons rescue. But instead, he kept checking on Eli, asking him if he was ok to go longer, challenging him by saying he was going to go faster just to see if Eli would/could “keep up”. My strength comes from time with my Father. And Daddy, I just want to run with you. Thank you Eli, for teaching mommy yet again, how to run with God.

Picture Of Daddy And Eli. Loving On Each Other.

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