My Procrastination Led Me To An Iron Transfusion

Don't Succumb To Spiritual Sickness, Get Plugged - In Now

I sat in my chair as I tried to smuggle a look at those sitting across from me. I had to be extra crafty because these days, having to wear masks, your eyes are the ONLY thing exposed making it easy to notice when you’re staring at someone or vice versa. The room was cold & the chairs weren’t nearly as comfortable as they looked. As they “prepped” me I heard one patient say, “I lost some hair in the shower today, but hopefully that’s all I’ll lose.”

My eyes immediately watered because of what this poor lady was experiencing. I had a knot in my throat as I overheard stories that ranged from feeling alone through the process to one old man talking about his dogs finally getting along. That story kinda made me smile! So what landed me in the UPMC Lititz Hillman Cancer Center, thankfully…not cancer. I was there for an Iron transfusion. A long, FIVE-HOUR iron transfusion due to chronic anemia, which after seeing what some of these patients had to endure, who am I to complain?

I’ve been anemic since I was a child, yet I’ve NEVER taken my iron pills or addressed it at all. In fact, I barely go to the doctors. I know, shame on me. But my goal for 2021 was to get healthy, so here I am. And by the grace of God, I can correct what has been wrong with me for years and reverse all the symptoms that I’ve experienced.

With chronic anemia came the tingles in my hands and feet, trouble breathing, always feeling cold, chronic fatigue (I mean EVERYTHING was a struggle), terrible migraines, eating ice constantly (even outdoors in the WINTER, during SNOW), developing PICA which led to me eating tissue, yes tissue (I’m ashamed to admit it). This was my “normal” for over 2 DECADES. This was all I knew, so I thought it was “normal” to always be tired and have headaches etc. Turns out the average female my age, is supposed to have a 13.7 iron level and I was working with a 7.2! And just like that, the VERY NEXT DAY my transfusion, my headaches stopped, I had more energy, and I haven’t eaten ice (or tissue) ever since.

How often do we SETTLE with our current circumstances because we don’t want to put in the work, or because “I’ll start tomorrow” or the worse excuse of all “it’s not that bad.” But you don’t have to stay in your current situation just because it’s ALL YOU KNOW! As parents we tend to ACCEPT certain behaviors from our kids because “that’s how all teenagers behave” or “I’m not like other moms that have it all together” We find ourselves unhappy somedays and feeling guilty because we aren’t as “happy” as other mothers.

We ALL have our struggles, but we have to START SOMEWHERE! Start by asking yourself: Is my family functioning on HALF their Iron Level (potential)? Are we practicing unhealthy habits due to PICA (bad communication, blame, unhappiness, regret)? Is there something I can do to get us on the road to recovery?

Perhaps your family needs an iron transfusion!

It’s time to put on that IV and get plugged-in to Jesus! One small step at a time. Take a few minutes every day to get reacquainted with God’s word and all the promises that He has for you & your family. You don’t have to settle…Jesus died to give you life ABUNDANTLY! Stay plugged in and remember that CONSISTENCY is key.

See after I got the infusion, I still had to do my part, otherwise all the iron that I received will just be depleted once again. I have to eat differently and take iron pills EVERY DAY. In the same way, just going to church on Sundays or reading and praying every once in a while, isn’t enough to sustain you. You’ll be depleted once again and find yourself running in circles. But I’m 100 percent sure that once you experience the fullness of Joy of God’s presence in your family and Gods peace…you are NOT going to want to settle for anything LESS! So go get plugged in…and raise those “iron levels”

Sincerely, Tiffany Hall

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