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Where You Get Spiritually Filled, Emotionally Healthy, And Shockingly Clear, To Lead Powerfully In Life, Ministry, And Business.

 I know what it was like to not have any focus, clarity, or organization in my business. I wanted to pull my hair out. Even though I was working hard, I found myself never gaining any traction. I would would look at my computer screen and three hours later feel as if I got nothing accomplished. After an EIGHT YEAR journey, I'd finally figured it out. And now I want to show you how to do the same thing and cut years of time wasted out for you. I've spent well over 10,000 dollars on courses, coaches, and programs, that told me their product would work. And guess what... IT DIDN'T. Not only that, but after I took the class, I never saw or heard from them again. I struggled bad. And I didn't want people to have to deal with that kind of pain. For those very reasons, I wanted to create something that would help people both short term and long term. Soooo...
 I created PASSION ACADEMY. A 12 Week Course Broken
That's right. I want to coach and mentor you spiritually and emotionally, while helping you build your online business! I will teach you step-by-step how to create, launch, and market, your first digital product and start the business of your dreams. 
Here you will find your voice, your unique style, your authentic self and blueprint for success in your industry. Inside you will learn what is YOUR TRUE BRAND, how to gain the right customers, how to run a profitable business, increase your serve and live like never before. 

If you are here, you have been thinking about starting a business. You have went through the countless hours of mental clutter and stress thinking "should I really start a business? Am I even capable of doing something like that on my own? Even if I do start, how long will it actually last? How long will it take to put all of this together? I remember sitting back for way too long and watching my dreams pass me by for one reason and one reason only. What's that reason? Fear.

Meet Veronica. She had lots of fears too. But after working together I helped her see her potential and challenged her to step out in faith. But I didn't leave her there. I then showed her a step-by-step plan (the same I'm going to show you) and she had great results! 

What Will Your Story Be?

Most of the time when I'm having a conversation with someone about business, I'm met with the similar comments like "that might be good and well for you, but I could never do it". I've also heard, 

“I have a couple of faithful friends for clients but I could never think of opening my own business".


”Everything in me knows I should start. I even have before, but I have a huge problem with consistency and I don't want to let people down". 

"I would love to create a course on wedding planning, but that's only seasonal money so I don't even bother".



Listen, theres only one question that really matters here...


Are you willing to give it a shot??? No half stepping... I mean A REAL SHOT! 


It doesn't matter if you are nose deep in debt, have no idea how you are going to make ends meet, are surrounded by people who believe the only way to make money online is to have a crazy skill set, or whatever the excuse has been up until this point, throw it all away! That entire mindset, get rid of it because it's working against you

You Can Do This!

If you allowed yourself to dream for a second, where would your mind take you? Do you see yourself,



  • Creating your own courses, being your own boss, with people who can't wait to buy your next course because of the valuable lessons you teach

  • Having a successful business as a song artist, traveling the world because God called you to missions

  • A sought out speaker who has several 6 figure incomes because you chose to leverage your skill set. 

  • Living a life that is fully transformed both personally and professionally. A real trail blazer in your industry.

  • Your very own ecommerce store! That takes off at lightning speed, and now you and your family can be at ease because you are completely out of debt and earning a REALLY GOOD income online


​Now Imagine Doing This All For The Kingdom Of God

You're living your purpose, pursuing your passion, bringing in profits, serving people and honoring God



It's time to go from dreaming to living girl! You have everything it takes to succeed, it's just a matter of starting.

Laptop & Coffee

If you've read this far, I'm going to assume you really want this...


You know you want to serve people to the best of your ability and make great money while doing it... then let's keep chatting.


Here's Your Solution


"The Passion Academy" is for Christian women entrepreneurs like you who want to learn how to stand out, captivate your audience and monetize YOUR AUTHENTIC BRAND!


These trainings are  packed with highly practical steps that you can start and apply to your business RIGHT NOW! We have a step-by-step method that teaches the ins and outs of business, branding, and technical trainings. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to establish your true  personal brand and launch that online business girl! 

You will learn how to leverage the power of social media and create a community of people who you are ready to learn from your expertise or passion


How to scale your business so you can earn more while working less.


And unlike any other digital course out there we don't just teach you the "what" you should be doing in order to have an online business. We teach you the "how to" of the online world! 


I cover everything you need to be an amazing, out of the box, authentic, successful online entrepreneur. 


I'm looking forward to our journey together and I am here to serve you in any way I can.


Grab Your Seat Before It's Too Late!

Did I Mention You Get An Entire 5 Modules Of Prayer & Spiritual Warfare FOR FREE!!! That's Right You Will Learn The Practice Of God's Presence While Building Your Business. Here's How The Modules Are Broken Up:

Module One

Finding Your Authentic Voice
*How To Create An Unstoppable Brand And Have Clients Wanting Your Services
*How To Build Influence In Your Life, Ministry, And Business
*Your One Big Idea From Concept To Reality. How To Develop A Winning Mindset​​​​.
*Your Brand Archetype Test And Results. Learning The Psychology Behind Branding
*Strategic Action Steps And Accountability So You Can Take Action On Your Business Every Day​
*The Divine Calling; The Difference Your Product MakesIn Someones Life​

Module Two

Killing The Imposter And Building Your Product/Program
*How To Build A Product Or Program From Scratch
*Strategies For Pre-Launch/Launch/Post Launch
*The Power Of Three: Strategy That Catapults Your Business From The Very Beginning 
*5 Basic Types Of Imposters That Come After Your Life/Business & How To Overcome Them
*Identifying Your Triggers And Self Sabotage

Module Three

How To Create A Culture
*Learn How Many Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Business 
*Ins And Outs Of Affiliate Marketing
*Engage Customers Through Content Creation And Copywriting
*Building Your Email List
*Business Mapping That Works

Module Four

Mentor Your Audience 
*How to Get Highly Targeted Leads Through Facebook And Instagram Marketing 
*What Are The Best Platforms/Products/Resources For Your Business
*Strategies On D.I.M.E. Peace Marketing
*Biblical Leadership Principles For Business

Module Five

Reach The Masses, Make Disciples, Using Social Media
*How To Build A Suite Of Products In Your Niche To Maximize Sales 
*Package And Price Product, Going From Idea To Marketplace
*How To Increase Your Focus And Consistency 
*Social Graphics And Images For The "Not So Techy" Person

Module Six

Freedom Of Discipline 
*Working Smart Not Hard. Using My Time Management Wizard Strategy 
*The Compound Effect In Business
*Make More Sales While Working Less.
*Building And Army Of Students,Teachers,Mentors
This Full Training Hub Has Never Been Offered All In One Place Before
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I Will Be With You Doing:

*Weekly Trainings In Our Private Facebook Group

*Weekly Q&A So You Can Get Your Questions Answered In Real Time

*Monthly Accountability Sessions So You Can Tangibly Track Your Progress 

And Don't Forget, You Get...

LIFETIME ACCESS. That Means Coaching And Mentorship FOR LIFE

I Am Having A Sale That Ends At Midnight. You Get Up To 80% Off Of My Entire Program! Don't Hesitate, Sale Is For A Limited Time Only. I'll See You On The Inside. Class Starts June 16th

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Maggie Mejia

She Created Her Product, Gained A Customer Base And Started Another Stream Of Income As A Speaker

"Maggie I truly want to thank you. Never did I think I would be able to make an income pursuing my passion.

Writing And Teaching Sound Mind Awareness is something I was doing for free for years. My husband is the hardest working man I know but he knew that my passion for seeing people set free by the power of Jesus and them having the right tools was a powerful thing. Even if things were tight financially I took the step and invested in my training and education becauseI believed God was going to do something powerful. And Wow!!! (speechless) did He! Since working with you I was laid off And Thank God. It gave me time to focus on what really matters to me. I am living the life that I know could only be designed for me. I have been able to increase my income through my book sales, I just had the biggest speaking engagement EVER! And my second book is almost completed! (Someone Pinch me), Thank you so much for these invaluable tools that I will take with me, EVERYWHERE. Because of the strategies you have taught me I'm realizing I can add as many streams of income as I choose. The best part is, I find myself working less and not more". Truly a game changer. I look forward to what the future holds for my husband and I".  


Veronica Jimenez, Sound Mind Awareness Ministries

Women Colleagues
01 Foundations Of Prayer 
02 Prayer And Spiritual Warfare
03 Prayer And Motherhood
04 Prayer And Wifehood
05 Prayer For Ministry And Business
06 Prayer As A Lifestyle
And So Much More...

Prayer Modules

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 Business Modules

01 Finding Your Authentic Brand Voice
02 Killing The Imposter That Tries To Stop You In Life, Ministry, And Business. 
03 How To Create A Culture 
04 The Courage To Lead And Mentor Your Audience
05 Reach The Masses Through Social Media Marketing
06 Freedom Of Discipline: Using My Time Management Wizard Strategy