Family Stays Connected

And #SheCircles Are For The Writers In The Family! 

Do you feel like God has called you to write? Whether that be a blog, a book, songs, spoken word etc. There are so many facets to writing that's why I love it! I feel you can be as creative as you want while taking people on a journey. She Circles is all about "getting your story out" Only... how may of us actually get the opportunity to tell it. Well, welcome to She Circles. Here is where you can "SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS".  

If you feel called to write or you just feel you have some stuff to say and would love for us to feature you on the She Matters University Blog? We'd Love To! 

Send us what you'd like to be featured and see if you are the "blog of the month". I can't wait to see all of your stories set so many others free! Know that God has called you beyond your wildest dreams! But you get the luxury to write about it. So let's go!

send your blog to to see if it's chosen as the feature of the month!