Do You Feel Incompetent As A Wife, Mother, Or A Woman Period?

Do you have reoccurring feelings and thoughts of inadequacy? Even in the areas that you have had success? Feeling like people are going to find you out. I want you to know you are not alone. According to studies 70% of people struggle with Imposter Syndrome. The feeling like you're a complete fraud when you reap good results. You also feel you don't really know what you're doing despite the evidence that indicates that you're skilled and actually quite successful.  

Woman in a Hat

I have had conversation after conversation with women who have dealt with this same issue. Their thoughts were living in a completely different location than their lives. But knowing they were dealing with an Imposter wasn't the hardest part. The hardest part was not knowing which Imposter they were dealing with.


There are 5 Basic Imposters. The Perfectionist, Soloist, Superhero, Genius, And Expert. Although they have their similarities in nature they are all very different from one another. So a person can be dealing with "The Superhero Imposter" and trying to kill "The Perfectionist".


Because of this pattern I continued to see; I decided to create this quiz to help you discover


Which Imposter You Need To Kill.

I've also implemented Dr. Pauline Clance' CIPS (Clance Imposter Phenomenon Scale) so you can see where you are in the scale. Now, I just want to be clear here. I am not a doctor/psychologist and this is not a diagnosis. These are tools I believe the Lord put on earth to help us have a deeper understanding of our human nature. When we begin to understand the "what's, hows and whys" of our human nature we are able to be sober minded and posture ourselves before God in a more genuine way.


With that said, I want you to know that God created you to be a women of strategy, wisdom, and might. You don't have live with the thought of

"I guess this is how it it's going to be". No! You can kill this Imposter and be on your way to a life of freedom and happiness today.

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