She Matters Company Values




We Love People

We have love, compassion, empathy, and value all people, because Christ first loved us 


We Have A Growth Mindset

God gave us everything we need to accomplish what He has set out for us to do.



We Equip Women 

We are women who disciple women who disciple women



We Are Creative

We'll take creative risks to reach the people no one is reaching


We Are Lifetime Givers

We hold our belongings loosely + give to women and children in need 

Meet The Team...
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Maggie Mejia, Founder/Leadership Coach
Ruth Vega, Biblical Literacy Coach
Tiffany Hall, Family Coach

She Matters University

Where Women Come To Heal, Learn, And Grow

SMU is designed to meet the needs of today's woman. The end goal is for women to be better equipped both personally and professionally by providing coaching, encouragement, prayer and the right tools. Our goal is to bring together women of all ages and stages for edification and service opportunities. As women mature and grow in godliness, they are better equipped to nurture and serve in their families, their church, and help their communities and businesses thrive.

These women know they have been called to this mountain of business, they just have no idea where to start. We want to connect with the individual who knows she’s been made for more than her current living status. She wants to tell her story because there are others out there who are just like her. We want to help her reach those people.

We help women build the skills they need for LIFE! Whether you're a mom, ministry leader, business owner, or work from home, we are all leaders. And leaders need to possess certain skill sets and winning habits like, How To Be More Consistent, Time -Management THAT WORKS, Growing In Your Confidence, Becoming A Better Communicator and so much more. Even better it's all while applying biblical principles.  

We also do this because the more we know God the more we fall in love with Him and His Word. Every child of God deserves wholeness, love, freedom, and prosperity. God has offered all of that to us and more. However, oftentimes we don't know how to get there. We struggle with holding on to His Truth. Reading about biblical principles, and walking them out daily, are two very different things.


It takes work to live a healthy God-pleasing lifestyle, but man is it worth it. We believe through discipleship, character building, loads of love, encouragement, and coaching; women will start to live happier, healthier, whole, free lives.


“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” 

Luke 1:45